Aladdin Lamp Teapot

Have a magical tea moment with this one-of-a-kind ceramic Aladdin Lamp Teapot. Your Genie is waiting to grant your teatime wishes anytime.

This gleaming, golden, beautifully sculpted Aladdin Lamp Teapot is one of those Disney merchandise items that any fan will admire, especially when the animated Disney classic Aladdin holds a warm place in your heart. Imagine this beauty standing in your kitchen on a platter, ready to serve you and your guests some tea in style of magic and wonder.

This 100% cermaic Aladdin teapot holds 44 oz. of your favorite beverage and has a size of 13 x 9 inches. Not only it makes a great usable product for in your kitchen, it is also a fantastic collectible to showcase in your home. Not to mention how a Disney fan would respond once recieving this Genie lamp teapot as a gift!

Fans of the Disney movie classic Aladdin will absolutely be delighted to have this popular Disney Teapot in their Disney merchandise collection. After all, who would not like to have a personal Genie awaiting to grant a wish?

The Aladdin Lamp Teapot is available at Hot Topic. Check it out when you are ready for a magical tea moment.

Price: USD $49.90

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