Alice In Wonderland Sticky Notes

Are you into scrapbooking and planning? Make sure you have your Alice In Wonderland Sticky Notes ready in case you’re stuck down a rabbit hole or in a cubicle.

This cute Alice In Wonderland Sticky Notes set is inspired by Disney’s classic movie Alice In Wonderland. The set contains a hardcover memo pad and has hundreds of full-color self sticking sheets. Write down your notes on the stickies and place them anywhere!

Even though this is not a official Disney labeled item, it certainly contains all the famous characters and happenings from the Disney movie, including Alice and Cheshire. Disney lovers who are into creativity and crafts will surely love an item like this to add to their collection.

The Alice In Wonderland Sticky Notes book measures 3 1/4″ x 4 1/4″. You can take it anywhere in your handbag or purse and use them at home, at the office, for friends, for planning activities or at school.

Are you ready to get inspired by the dreamworld of Alice? This set is one for you!

Price: USD $7.95

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