Anna & Elsa Plush Doll 20″

Is your child a little Frozen fan? These soft and super cute Anna & Elsa plushies of approximately 20 inches tall will surely become their new best friends.

They only cost $8.99 on AliExpress (including shipping!); these Anna & Elsa Plush Dolls of 20″! The dolls are made of soft plush cotton material, which means they are a great Frozen toy to play with by the smallest children.

Frozen dolls are very popular, but have you ever seen such a large Anna or Elsa doll made of such a soft plush material? Kids can play with them without having to worry that the dolls will break any time soon.

The ladydolls look amazing in their beautiful outfits: Anna with her cute boots and cape and Elsa with her gorgeous blue dress. They will bring so much joy to any child’s life in many ways, we bet they will become the new besties of any child!

For not even 9 bucks, an Anna or Elsa plush doll of 20 inches can be yours. It’s a great deal for such a large and soft doll. Rather you are looking for a wonderful Disney gift for kids, these dolls will surely be treasured.

Price: $8.99

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