Ariel Nail Polish Stickers

Turn your nails into mermaid nails with Ariel Nail Polish Stickers! These nail stickers have a beautiful design of scales, glitters, and Ariel in the moonlight.

These gorgeous Ariel Nail Polish Stickers in blue colors will turn your nails into beautiful mermaid nails. These stickers come in an amount of 16 (or 32 for short nails) with package and application instructions included. They are designed in deep blue colored scales, glitters, and Ariel sitting in the moonlight.

For ladies who love mermaids, mermaiding with a swimming tail, Ariel or anything that has to do with life under the sea, wearing nails like these must be something special. For instance, wearing these nails for a visit to Disneyland!

These Ariel Nail Polish Stickers are very easy to apply. This makes it a great item for kids and teen ladies to use as well. They can walk aroung with professional salon looking nails without having to use actual nail polish or other chemicals. You can remove these nails by peeling off and filing away the excess. Imagine wearing these nails at your mermaid themed birthday party!

Each nail strip can be used twice, unless the nails were really long. Mix these Little Mermaid nail stickers with your own nail polish colors or nail decoration products to create even more cool effects.

A quick and easy way to walk around with beautiful mermaid nails!

Price: USD $10.53

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