Beauty And The Beast VHS Socks

Who of you remembers the VHS tape of Beauty And The Beast? Now, you can take a blast tot the past with this VHS box of Beauty And The Beast socks!

This is one of those items that are just worth mentioning because they are so original: the Beauty And The Beast VHS Socks. The box of this item is designed like the VHS tape cover of the classic movie from 1991.

We are just obsessed with this item. The VHS-inspired packaging of this box is something that makes you relive Disney memories. Remember those days when you had to wait untill the newest Disney movie got released on VHS and you would rush to the store to get it?

Inside this Beauty And The Beast VHS case you will find three pairs of socks, which will fir a women’s shoe size 4 – 10. The socks includes desitgns from our favorite characters in the movie, including Belle and Beast of course, but also Lumiere, Chip and more. Also the rose comes back in one pair of socks.

These socks are made of 97% Plyester and 3% spandex. The best way to take care of them is by washing them cold and drying them low.

Oh my, what am amazing Disney merchandise item which also presents itself as a fun and functional gift for Beauty And The Beast fans!

Price: USD $14.90

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