Bruni Plush Toy

If you have seen Frozen II, you surely know this little dude: salamander Bruni! Now you can have your own Bruni Plush Toy to have some adventures with.

This cute little Bruni plush doll is almost 8 inches tall and nice and soft. He can become your new cuddle friend, especially when you have seen Frozen 2 and fell in love with him. He is another musthave for your Disney plush toy collection.

If you are a fan of Frozen and you have a collection of the amazing characters, this little guy can not lack from your stash. It’s the cute guy Bruni, which we have seen in the newest Frozen movie. He became a friend of Elsa and we bet he will be yours as well.

This Bruni Plus Toy is a great surprise gift for your child when he or she is into the Frozen adventures. We showed you the Anna & Elsa plush dolls of 20 inch tall, they will make a great addition to this little one, or rather the other way around.

Enjoy your Frozen adventures even more with this new friend; Bruni! For not even 10 dollars including shipping he is yours.

Price: USD $9.99

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