Cars Figurine Set (7 pieces)

If you are looking for the most complete Disney Cars Figurine Set, we would surely recommend this playset, including an awesome Mack Truck.

For boys who love the Disney Cars movies, a Cars Figurine Set like this can bring hours and hours of playing fun with all of the movie characters!

This Cars playset comes with 7 car toy figurines of the characters as we know them from the movie, like Lightning McQueen, Mater, Jackson Storm and even a giant Mack Truck, who’s tailgate can be openend to transport any of his friends!

The cars are made of plastic and metal material and their sizes are approx. 2.75″x1.30″x0.79″. Uncle Truck however has a size of approx of 9.45″x1.57″x2.36″.

The Cars Figurine Set come in a huge box. This makes it a nice gift as well to give to your child, your grandson or for a friend’s birthday party. Imagine all the kids playing together with these Disney Cars!

Also, this set makes a great collectible for those who collect Disney merchandise in any sort of way. In an instant you have the most famous Cars in your collection, ready for display and/or ready for use.

Price: USD $23.51

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