Chip And Dale AirPods Case

How adorable are these two to protect your earplugs? Take your AirPods 2 anywhere safe and sound with this cute Chip And Dale AirPods Case with keychain.

Chip ‘n Dale are two favorite Disney characters of all times to many. Now, you can carry them with you wherever you go in your handbag or purse, while they take good care of your AirPods 2! This Chip And Dale AirPods Case with keychain is just the cutest and most handy Disney collectible.

Cover up your AirPods bluetooth earplugs in Disney style with an adorable case like this one. These silicone cases will protect your earplugs very well. Just open up Chip or Dale’s head (yeah we know, it sounds a bit freaky) and put in your plugs. During traveling, they will be kept save.

Because of the keychain, you can attach one of these little friends to your bag, keys, purse, lanyard, or any other accessory with a hook or hanger.

The Chip And Dale AirPods Case are also an amazing gift suggestion for any Disney lover with airPods! Rather it’s a birthday party, a sweet sixteen party or any kind of occasion, these dudes will surely be recieved in gratitude.

Price: USD $4.49

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