Chip And Dale Pin The Hollywood Tower

This Chip And Dale Pin The Hollywood Tower is only for those who love Disney parks…who love pins…who love Chip and Dale…and who love hotel drops.

Your room is ready! The Hollywood Tower Hotel is one of the most beloved thrill rides within the world of Disney parks. No wonder there are so many cute collectibles for in your Disney stash, like this adorable Disney pin!

The pin has a design of Chip ‘n Dale in their cute Tower of Terror bellboy outfits! They are holding the key of The famous Hollywood Tower Hotel: one of the most epic rides at the Disney parks.

For people who have enjoyed this ride so much, adding this pin to their collection is just awesome. It’s unique, it’s cute and the little key makes it complete. This pin is also a great gift item for someone who holds precious memories to his or her Disney trip. With a pin like this you can slightly relive them, without the scary drop, that is.

The Chip And Dale Pin The Hollywood Tower is made of zinc alloy material and has a size of 2″h x 1.5″w x .5″l.

Price: USD $18.99

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