Cinderella Castle Notebook

This is not just any notebook, this is the Cinderella Castle Notebook with many incredible details of the insides of the castle and a poster included!

Sometimes you find a pearl of an item within the world of Disney merchandise. This is definitely such a pearl! Meet the Cinderella Castle Notebook: a limited release item from the Disney Castle Collection.

This notebook is so pretty, we don’t know where to start. It’s designed completely in style of Prince Charming’s castle as depicted in Disney’s Cinderella from 1950. The inside featured fully illustrated spreads of rooms from the castle or epic scenes from the movie, like Cinderella running of the stairs when it turns midnight.

Also, the Cinderella journal comes with a gorgeous pull-out poster of the of castle interior settings, and a glittering bookmark charm with the Disney Castle Collection logo.

This Disney notebook counts 150 sheets, has a hardcover with a high gloss metallic finish, and filver page edging. When you love notebooks and/ore the movie Cinderella, this item is a unique collectible. It comes in a limited release, so be sure you will not be too late when you wish to own it.

The size of the Cinderella Notebook is 9 1/2” H x 7 1/2” W x 1” D, the poster has a size of Poster 22” H x 18” W, and the charm 3/4” Diameter.

Price: USD $24.99

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