Cinderella Gift Box

Make sure you don’t loose your glass slipper at midnight. With this handmade Cinderella Gift Box including clock and glass slipper you surely will not!

How beautiful is this handmade Cinderella Gift Box? It is available at Etsy and it’s handmade with 100% attention to detail. And you can tell!

The metal box is inspired by the famous Cinderella clock on top of the lid. On top of the clock you will find the glass slipper. This box has a size of approximately 2″ L x 2″ W x 2″ H. It’s a perfect size for a small gift.

Imagine putting a small piece of jewelry in it and use it as a present for a special person? Or maybe even as a wedding gift? This Cinderella Gift Box is a symbol of romance and can be used for many special and romantic occasions.

For birthday parties or as a decoration piece for on the table a little gift box like this is a great item as well. Having a princess party? How amazing is this gift box as a giveaway. Fans of the animated Disney classic Cinderella will definitely appreciate an item like this in their Disney collection.

Price: USD $2.95

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