Cinderella Sneakers


Are you ready to walk the sunny days in a Cinderelly styled turquoise color? These Cinderella Sneakers will walk you through your summer of magic!

These fun Cinderella Sneakers are a cool addition to your shoe collection when you are fan of this ultimate Disney classic. They are colorful, bright, and cheery, just how we want our summer days to be.

These Disney sneakers represent Cinderella in her maid outfit on the right toe and Jaq and Gus on the left toe. They have turqoise colored laces and white outsoles. The material is made of canvas in the upper material and rubber in the soles.

These Disney sneakers are available in the sizes 5 to 11. They are perfect to wear at ordinairy days, and during your daywalks at one of the Disney parks!

When you’re into Disney fashion, a pair of Disney sneakers can not lack in your wardrobe. Why not start with a fun pair like these?

Price: USD $29.90

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