Coco FunkO’s Cereal with Pocket Pop

Inspired by Disney’s Coco, this tasty multigrain cereal with a Pocket Pop of Miguel gives your breakfast habbits surely a new experience!

Now that’s a tasty collectible: the Coco FunkO’s Cereal with Pocket Pop! This box of tasty multigrain cereal will not only fill up your bowl in the morning, it also comes with a cute Pocket Pop of Miguel in his Land of the Dead disguise.

For kids who loved Coco as much as we did, a box of this cereal will definitely be a big surprise. Of course, the biggest surprise element is finding the Miguel pop collectible inside the box to play with or to add to your Disney Funko Pop collection.

The cereal contains sugar and gluten, and it’s produced in a facility that also uses soy, dairy, and tree nuts. The Pocket pop is made of vinyl material and has a size of Approx. 1 1/2″. It makes a great addition to your Disney collection.

The Coco FunkO’s Cereal with Pocket Pop is on sale as we speak. The box of Coco cereal and the Funko Pop costs 5 dollar now instead of $10.90. So, if you would like to add this fun and tasty collectible to your breafast routine, hurry before it’s gone.

Price: USD $10.90 $5.00

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