Couple Shirts Max & Roxanne

Now this is something different than a Mickey & Minnie Mouse Couple Shirt! This is the fun Disney Couple Shirts Max & Roxanne from A Goofy Movie!

If you are looking for fun Disney Couple Shirts, this set of Max and Roxanne shirts is definetely a go. How cute is this gentle blue and pink colored set of shirts with a print of Max and Roxanne from A Goofy Movie?

Disney couple shirts are perfect for Disney loving couples, friends, colleagues, family or other connections. You can wear them together while having a date night, a day out or, of course, when visiting one of the Disney parks!

These shirts are sold separately. They are extremely popular, so if you like them don’t wait to long for purchasing. The material of the shirts is made of Cotton, so it’s perfect for wearing on sunny days.

One of our favorite set of fun Disney Couples Shirts is this set of Max & Roxanne. It’s surely different than anything else we have seen so far. If you want to surprise your ‘other half’ with an original set of Disney Couple Shirts, consider this pair!

Price: USD $28.90 (per shirt)

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