Darth Vader Perfume The Dark Side

Have you ever wondered what the dark side smells like? Find out with this Darth Vader Perfume, the perfect gift for he who is into Star Wars!

In this mysterious black bottle you will find it…the fragrance of The Dark Side! Have you ever wondered what it smells like? Did you always want to sniff it? You can find out now with this original and beautifully designed Darth Vader Perfume!

Darth Vader is a very beloved Star Wars character to many. Now, you can actually use a fragrance that is inspired by him. At Hot Topic you can order a 3.4 fl oz bottle of this Star Wars perfume. How many men would secretly dream of having this powerful feeling like mr. Darth Vader? Treat yourself with this experience!

Of course, the Darth Vader Perfume makes a super original and awesome gift as well. If your dad, your husband, your son, your partner or friend is obsessed with this legendary villain, imagine the looks on their faces when opening op a bottle of The Dark Side cologne!

The bottle has a great design, inspired by the look of Darth Vader, including the iconic helmet. An amazing Disney item to add to your collection, especially for Star Wars fans!

Price: USD $24.90

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