Disney AirPods Case Transparant

A great and affordable Disney add on for your AirPods: this lovely Disney AirPods Case! For only $1.85 one of these cases can be yours. That includes shipping!

This transparant Disney AirPods Case is one of those items that you can order for just a few bucks on AliExpress. Any Disney fan should consider this bargain, because for only $1.85 inclusing shipping (that’s right!) one of these lovelies can be yours.

These Mickey, Minnie and Donald AirPods Cases are suitable for your AirPods 1 and 2 case. You just simply cover your original box with this transparant case and you will instantly have a beautiful Disney gadget! When you carry your AirPods around a lot and you are into Disney, this makes a great bargain and an amazing collectible.

If you are looking for a fun, original and afforabdle gift for a Disney friend who uses AirPods a lot, we would definitely suggest this item. It has a size of about 2.16 x 1.85 inches and it fits great around your original AirPods 1 or 2 case (if you are not sure, please meassure the size of your case first).

At AliExpress, we know the waiting time can take a while. But hey, for not even 2 bucks, we are willing to wait!

Price: USD $1.85

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