Disney Baby Blocks

They are soft, fuzzy and squeezable! These Disney Baby Blocks witch crinkle, bell and rattle sound will surely delight your tiny builder.

This set with Disney Baby Blocks comes with three different soft blocks. They are perfect for your child to play with, not just because they are soft and squeezable, but also because they make fun sounds such as crinkle, bell and rattle sounds!

The plush chartacters Mickey, Donals and Goofy are portaited on the blocks and have tiny arms on them. Each side of the blocks comes with different textured fabric, such as quilted, jersey and fuzzy. You will recieve all three of them in a mesh bag with a bow tie closure.

Each block has a size of 3” x 3” x 3” and they are made of polyester material. The embroidery details make the blocks extra fun to play with for the child.

This item makes an original and fun gift for baby shower as well!

Price: USD $14.95

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