Is The Disney Movie Club worth it? Here’s the truth!

If you love the Disney movies, you might have ran into something called The Disney Movie Club: a DVD / Blu-Ray subscription service that starts off with the best Disney movie bargain: pick 4 Disney movies for $1. But is there a catch? Is it scam? Is The Disney Movie Club worth it? We will tell you all about it!

What is The Disney Movie Club?

The Disney Movie Club is DVD / Blu-Ray subscription service. Like any subscription service, you have a purchase commitment to meet. It basically comes down to this: when you sign up, you get to pick 4 Disney movies for $1. Now you might think: this is scam, or, what’s the catch? Well here’s how it goes: after this, you will have to buy another 5 movies for the regular retail price (usually $19.95 each plus a shipping and processing charge specified in your offer) within two years. There is a huge selection of Disney movies available at The Disney Movie Club, including Disney’s greatest hits, animation classics, live-action, Pixar, preschool titels, Star Wars, Marvel, new releases and hard-to-find classics. When your commitment comes to an end, you can cancel your subscription anytime or become a VIP member and recieve more interesting discounts and special offers.

Now you might think, that’s not so bad! All I have to do is pick four of my favorite Disney movies for $1 and then buy 5 other favorite Disney movies for regular price in a period of two years of time! You are right. But let us dive deeper into this service, and for who it might be cool to sign up for in our opinion. Because yes, there is a tiny point you can describe as ‘the catch’. And here is goes:

It’s all about commitment!

The thing is, you will sign up by providing your credit card information. About every 4 weeks, The Disney Movie Club will send you an announcement mailing of the ‘Featured Title’ movie for the following month. This is a random title, not necessarily the newest Disney movie. You can choose to receive or decline this title. It could be that you already own this Disney movie. In that case, you can decline for the featured title. You will have about 2 weeks of time for this. If you don’t respond, they will send you the featured title automatically and you will be charged on your credit card. This means you will have to check in on your featured Disney movies monthly to personalize this subscribtion service as good as you can. If you do not respond, this title will be send to you and you and you will be charged. And, it will not count as 1 of the 5 movies you need to purchase within two years as well.

After the commitment ends (meaning you bought 5 Disney movies for the regular price), you will have to remember to cancel if you wish to end the subscription, else they will keep mailing you, send you featured titles and charge you. However, this is in your own hands, just keep a note for yourself to cancel on time. When you are very enthousiastic about your growing Disney movie collection, you can become a VIP member the moment you’ve met your commitment minimum of 5 movies. It’s not that hard! It just takes a bit of devotion.

Why DO sign up for The Disney Movie Club?

So now we read the fine print, let’s look at the benefits of The Disney Movie Club!

– You can built up a high-quality Disney movie collection

– You do get to pick 4 Disney movies for only $1

– You can choose from a huge collection of exclusive and rare titles

– You will recieve free handpicked gifts during the year like litho’s

– You will recieve great discounts including 50% off with special promotions

– After purchasing 5 movies, you can become a VIP member with even more discounts on Disney movies

So if the question goes: is The Disney Movie Club worth it? We’d say for Disney fans who truly care for seriously building up or expanding their Disney movie collection, who want to recieve exclusive Disney gifts and who want to benefit from great discount deals, YES, The Disney Movie Club is absolutely no-doubtly worth it!