Disney Princess Ariel Fashion Design Watercolor Collection

This Little Mermaid watercolor sketchbook features a 16 page fashion guide, 10 drawings, 50 stickers, 3 pencils, 5 paint colors and 1 reusable paintbrush.

Splash into your creative mode with this stunning Disney Princess Ariel Fashion Design Watercolor Collection! This stunning collection features a Little Mermaid watercolor sketchbook that will teach girls how to paint beautifully.

The set contains a full fashion and style design guide of 16 pages, 4 watercolor paints, 3 watercolor pencils and 5 different watercolor paint colors, 10 watercolor line drawings, 30 masking stickers, 20 various stickers and 1 reusable paintbrush. It’s the most complete set to experience at your own creative waterworld skills.

A Little Mermaid coloring book like this is a perfect gift for kids of ages 8 years and up. It teaches them painting tricks and techniques while looking at the most beautiful Ariel sketches. Of course, adults who love to paint and/or color will surely have a great time with this sketchbook as well.

When you like The Little Mermaid and you love being creative, this Disney Princess Ariel Fashion Design Watercolor Collection is a wonderfull add-on to your Disney collection. Dream away while creating your perfect colorful waterworld under the sea.

Price: USD $18.82

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