Disney Princess Dress Pins Blind Box

Exclusively available at BoxLunch: this Blind Box with Disney Princess Dresses Pins! A great item for Disney pin collectors. Which dress will you recieve?

At BoxLunch you can order the Disney Princess Dress Pins Blind Box. These mystery boxes contain a high-quality Disney pin in a unique design. For this reason, they are extremely popular. The designs contain a beautiful Disney princess dress of all the classic princesses. Wil you recieve Aurora’s dress or will it be Belle’s gown? Who knows!

Do you like to be surprised? We do not know in advance which Disney princess dress will be in the box! In total there are 11 dresses to be collected. This mystery box is a must-have for Disney pin collectors. The package of the box is cute on its own and for that reason, a Blind Box like this one also makes a great gift for any Disney fan.

Imagine having the Disney Princess Dress Pins added to your collection! When you like collecting Disney pins, roleplaying as a Disney princess or like Disney on its own, an item like this in just a lovely add-on to your collection.

Order the Disney Princess Dresses Pins Blind Box exclusively at BoxLunch online.

Price: USD $8.90

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