Disney Tap Extender

Turn your faucet into a unique Disney gadget with a Disney Tap Extender! For less than 6 dollars it can be purchased at AliExpress in various designs.  

What is a very simple but unique gadget for in your home? This Disney Tap Extender! Do you want to learn your kid how to wash hands or brush teeth? This Disney buddy on your faucet will surely be a great special helper.

Honestly, also for adults with a Disney themed home, this item is a true spectacle piece in the bathroom. It also makes a fantastic housewarming gift for Disney lovers who have just moved!

This Disney Tap Extender is a great deal for giving your home an extra touch of Disney magic. At AliExpress is a Mickey and Minnie version available, as well as a Stitch character.

Price: USD $5.88 – $6.58

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