Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker Set

Are you a fan of both Disney and Lip Smacker? Then this set of 4 pieces of Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker is definitely a go go. Say chapped lips goodbye!

Meet this super cute set of 4 collectible Disney lip balms: the Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker Set! You will find in this set a Mickey, Minnie, Donals and Daisy lip balm, all in special edition flavors!

The Lip Smacker balm are known for their moisturizingand hydrating quality. Your lips will feel smooth and soft when using them. Also, they will make your lips glossier! The authentic flavors have a wide variety to them, including cotton candy or Dr. Pepper. This makes the products very beloved over the years.

Now, you can enjoy the Lip Smackers in Disney style with a collectibe set like this. Also, it makes a fun gift for your Disney friends, especially those who also like beauty and make up. They will be thrilled to recieve an exclusive set like this.

The 4 Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers will absolutely be a great addition to any balm stasth! And of course, to your Tsum Tsum collection as well! You can order this set online at Amazon.

Price: USD $17.99

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