Disney Vacation Autograph Book

Is there a Disney trip coming up? How about having your Disney Vacation Autograph Book in Mickey style ready for some Disney characters to sign?

When visiting a Disney park, an autograph book is absolutely an amazing memory maker. Just take it to the parks and let the Disney characters sign it! When coming home, you will go through it and relive some great memories for sure.

This cute Mickey Mouse inspired Disney vacation Autograph Book has 100 black pages. Not only can you collect aurographs in here, it also has plenty of space for photo moments, drawings, stories or any other Disney park memories. The size of this Disney autograph book is 6″ x 9″.

One of the best keepsakes for your Disney trip is a book like this. Because of the convenient size, it fits your backpack or pure perfectly. Sometimes when buying one of these books at the parks, you can miss out on some character autographs because you still had to buy it. For that reason, buy an autograph book in advance.

This Mickey Mouse inspired book is a great gift for both girls and boys. It’s a great pre-fun item when looking forward to your travel plans.

Price: USD $9.04

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