Disney Wishables Park Food Mystery Blind Bag

Having the decicious Disney Parks treats in a plush and squeezable version is possible with this cute Disney Wishables Park Food Mystery Blind Bag!

So, do you like the Disney parks foodies as much as we do? And do you like squeezies? Combine the two with this Disney Wishables Park Food Mystery Blind Bag!

Each bag comes with one mystery Wishable in a Disney food shapes item. Will it be a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, a Aloha Swirl, a Mickey’s Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream Sandwich, or a Strawberry Ice Pop? Surprise yourself by opening a mystery bag and collect all four of them!

These Disney plushies come in a limited release. They are very soft and squeezable. Each toy has a size up to 5 1/2” h (sizes vary slightly). This series is a part of the Disney Parks Wishables Collection, so they make an awesome collectible to your Disney stash!

Also, a Disney mystery bag like this makes an original and fun gift. Imagine having a Disney trip with the kids and having one bag ready for them while travelling towards your destination?

If this item is on your Disney wishlist, don’t wait too long for it’s a limited edition item.

Price: USD $11.97

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