Dole Whip Candle

Picture your home scented like the famous pineapple whip scent just like the Disney parks treat Dole Whip…this Dole Whip Candle will make it happen.

This hand made and poured soy wax candle is a treat for anyone who loves the scent of the famous Dole Whip from the Disney parks.

For those of you who don’t know this treat: it’s an icecream covered in fresh pineapple juice. Now, you can spread this scent gently all over your home with this Dole Whip Candle!

Made in Polo Farms in South Carolina, each candle is made of hand poured scented soy wax. It’s infused with the purest fragrance oils to provide a rich and luxurious scent. Because it’s made of all natural soy wax, it burns clean.

The candle is packaged in its own gift box, so it’s a ready-to-giveaway item. It makes a great gift to people who are obsessed with Dole Whips. Imagine giving a Disney candle like this to a fan of this delicious treats.

Depending of the size of the candle, prices may vary between $6.95 and $16.95 each.

Relive the joy of visiting the Disney parks in your own home with this delightful candle!

Price: USD $6.95 – $16.95

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