Funko Pop Ursula With Eels

A stylish Pop Vinyl figurin from Funko: this amazing Ursula With Eels collectible! For the collector, the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid is a popular addition.

Isn’t this one of the funnest Funko Pop characters you have ever seen? It’s our beloved evil Little Mermaid Sea Witch Ursula with the Eels slithering around her shoulders. This is one of the most popular Funko Pop figurines out there.

The Funko Pop Ursula With Eels stands 3 ¾ inches tall. It’s a beautiful collectible for The Little Mermaid fans or Funko Pop collectors. Can you see her standing on your office desk, your coffee table or you bedside table for a good night?

Did you now Funko Pop was the 2017 toy of the year and people’s choice award winner? It’s because they have so many iconic characters ready for collecting. The characters are all beautifully detailed, just how we know them like from the movies.

This Ursula Funko Pop is the personal favorite to many Disney fans. And we understand why; she looks cheeky, but with a tiny drop of cuteness. It is a Disney villain that hold a special place in many hearts.

Price: USD $5.26

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