Hamm Piggy Bank

So cute, this Hamm piggy bank. This little dude brings you one step closer to completing your Toy Story collection. He also teaches kids how to save money!

Toy Story fans surely know this little guy: Hamm the pig. Now, you can have your very own Hamm Piggy Bank for saving money! It’s a cute way for saving, and for kids a fun way how to learn how to save money.

Teach your child the importance of how to save money with their very own Hamm. No doubt this item has the same size as Hamm in Toy Story: approx. 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 4.8. He is made of non-toxic high plastic PVC material, so it’s safe to play with.

Not only for kids this Toy Story money saving box makes a great toy, it’s also an amazing Disney collectible. Do you have a Toy Story or Disney merchandise collection? Extend it with this cute Hamm.

For Toy Story fans, Hamm would make a pleasant surprise of a gift! In the end, who does not want to save some money, for example, for their next Disney trip? It’s a practical and fun gift that makes a unique decoration piece as well.

Price: USD $20.99

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