Maleficent Ears Headband

When visiting a Disney park, wearing some Disney ears are just essential to wear. What do you think of this stunning Maleficent Ears Headband?

If you are looking for beautiful Disney ears to wear when visiting a Disney park, this gorgeous Maleficent Ears Headband is a good suggestion. Especially when you’re into Disney villains!

These Maleficent ears are a handmade product, available for purchasing on Etsy. This means the headband is beautifully detailed, but also a bit more delicate. There are different versions to choose from, like a green bow, a purple bow, a circle medallion or an oval medallion.

For Disney ears collectors, this Maleficent ears Headband of obviously a beautiful addition for any ear collection. When wearing these, we are sure you are about to recieve many compliments and great responses!

Price: $24.99

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