Maleficent Mug

Now this is what we call a stylish Maleficent Mug! Rather you look for a Maleficent coffee mug, a travel mug, or water cup, one of them will surely please you.

One of our favorite Disney villains of all times has to be Maleficent! And when we saw these Maleficent Mugs and cups, we were sold. Take a look at these stunning designs, inclusing wings, horns and other beautiful details!

Each Maleficent cup comes in a different design, shape, and size. Overall, there is room for 22 – 64 oz. of your favorite drink. Some designs are typical travel mugs, some are more for a cup of Mafelicent coffee. Either way, they all look stunning.

At AliExpress you can order your favorite Maleficent Mug online. Price vary between $9.37 – $15.72, depending on the size of the mug. All mugs are made of plastic material, shich means they are easy to clean and will stay pretty for a long time.

If you’re a Maleficent fan, a Disney fan or an Angelina Jolie admirer, these mugs definitely deserve a place in your kitchen cupboard. They also make great gifts for anyone who love Disney villains and a good cup of coffee!

Price: USD $9.37 – $15.72

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