Mickey Mouse Adjustable Ring


When you love Disney and Mickey Mouse in particular, this cute and silver colored Mickey Mouse Adjustable Ring is musthave to your jewelry collection.

Are you looking for a nice Disney ring? This Mickey Mouse Adjustable Ring is a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection and a wonderful gift for any Disney fan to recieve.

A big plus for this Disney jewelry item is that its adjustable, which means it will fit most fingers. You don’t have to worry about the right size, for you can adjust it. Is you are doubting for the right finger size, you will be safe with a ring like this.

There are three different Mickey Mouse rings you can choose from, but you can also order a pack of three. You will instantly have a fancy and affordable Mickey Mouse ring collection. Each ring is made of metal material.

A Mickey Mouse Ring is a cute and a romantic gift for all women. If you fancy a Disney fan, have one of these cute rings waiting as a surprise! They are cute, they look pretty and they fit each female finger. And after all, don’t we all love Mickey Mouse?

Price: USD $5.19 – $9.70

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