Mickey Mouse Watch Portait Style

It’s a stylish Disney watch and it’s available in many beautiful colors: this Mickey Mouse Watch Portait Style. For only $1.99 it can be yours to wear.

This Mickey Mouse Watch Portrait Style is one of those affordable items that we must show you. It has a great price-quality range. For only $1.99 it comes with a leather band which is available in many colors.

The Disney watch had a portait style, round quartz case. The leather band can be exactly the color you’re looking for like blue, pink, white, brown, black, and many more. The length of th eband is 9.06 inch.

For Disney fans it’s a cute accessory to add to your Disney merch collection. Of course, a Mickey Mouse watch like this makes a great gift for anyone who loves Disney, or espcially Mickey Mouse. Rather it’s for kids, adults, teens, men, or women, with this model you can not go wrong.

Who does not want to have an extra Disney watch for wearing, like for example, when you go a day to the Disney parks and you need to be on time for your favorite ride or restaurant reservation? Let Mickey help you out.

Price: USD $1.99

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