Minnie Comic Berry & Cherry Mints Tin

Would you like to bring some of the Disney park food items to your home? You can! You can order this Minnie Comic Berry & Cherry Mints Tin online!

For the package alone you (and us as well :)) would definitely consider ordering this Minnie Comic Berry & Cherry Mints Tin. It does not only look adorable in this sweet Minnie Mouse design, we bet the Berry & Cherry Mints mix will taste great too!

When you are in love with Disney park food, candy or treats and you don’t get the chance to go shop there to purchase your favorite items soon, now there is another way to get it. At the Your WDW Store are several exclusive park food items on sale, like this cute Minnie Mouse Tin.

Also, when you have visited a park and you want to relive the memories of the great taste of Disney park snacks, purchasing an item like this is a nice suggstion. Also, it makes a very special and sweet gift for people who adore Disney or Disney parks!

Price: USD $6.99

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