Moana Shell Necklace

Do you love the water swirl symbol of Moana? Now, you can wear it yourself as arund your neck with this gorgeous gold-colored Moana Shell Necklace.

Wayfinder. Bold adventurer. Find your own way in this gold tone necklace from Disney’s Moana featuring the water swirl symbol. This necklace is a perfect item for those who love to collect Moana merchandise or who love to wear Disney jewelry.

This necklace is a unique and subtle fashion accessory to Disneyfy your daily outfit. It basically fits with any kind of outfit and makes a wondeful gift to those who loved the Moana movie.

The Moana Shell Necklace is made of Alloy material.

This item is for sale at Hot Topic for $9.90.

Price: USD $9.90

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