Sleeping Disney Stuffed Animals

Can we have a moment for these super cute, super soft Sleeping Disney Stuffed Animals? Just looking at them makes you want to cuddle them right?

These super cute Sleeping Disney Stuffed Animals are made for cuddling. They are also knows as Disney Bedtime Plush Animals, because they can make a great cuddling best friend in bed for the smallest children. But hey, for adults they can become cuddling buddies too!

At AliExpress, you can order sleeping Disney characters for a little over 11 dollars, including shipment. You can choose between characters such as Mickey, Donald, Dumbo, Ariel or Stitch. Imagine one of these sleeping cuties in your home.

For a baby shower (or any other) gift, a Sleeping Disney Stuffed Animal is a great addition. It has the cuteness factor overload and the smallest babies will love them for their softness.

For Disney fans who are looking for a sweet and soft plushie, the Sleeping Disney Stuffed Animals are a must to check out.

Price: USD $11.41

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