Snow White Backpack

Inspired by the iconic outfit of Snow White: this unique Snow White backpack, including cute details such as the bow and the poison apple zipper charm.

This is not just any bag, this is the Loungefly Snow White Backpack in a super original design, inspired by Snow White’s dress! This bag is such a beautiful addition for your Disney collection or your stash of designer bags.

This adorable Snow White bag is designed to resemble Snow White’s outfit as we know it. The bow detail as well as the poisoin apple zipper charm, as well as the embroided teardrops and the lining printed with all the darfs make it such an original piece.

This Disney backpack has a size of 10 x 4 x 9 inch. It also includes an interior zippered pocket, a zippered top, a front pocket en the straps are adjustable as well. The material is made of Polyurethane.

Disneyfans who like to dress up or do cosplay as Snow White might like this bag in particular. So as a gift for Snow White fans, this will surely be an original item that will bring a smile to the reciever’s face.

Price: USD $79.90

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