Star Wars Millennium Falcon Poster

The Millennium Falcon is the starship as we know it from the Star Wars movies. Take a closer look inside with this vintage Star Wars Millennium Falcon Poster!

For only 42 cents, this awesome Star Wars Millennium Falcon Poster with lots of details from the spaceship can be yours. It’s an awesome merchandise items for Star Wars fans who look for something cool to decorate their wall with!

This Star Wars poster has a size of 20.3 x 14.71 inch. It’s printed on high-quality 150g kraft paper. You can have a poster like this framed and hang it on your wall. It will give any room an awesome Star Wars make over within minutes.

What makes this Star Wars poster so unique are the many details, like the new parts and the data file. Any fan will love to explore this starship from the inside and see what features it has.

Having a poster like this on the wall would be something only a true Star Wars would absolutely appreciate. That’s why this item makes such a special and affordable gift for fans!

For this price, any Star Wars fan should be investigating this starship at one point in their life!

Price: USD $0.42

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