Stitch Earbuds With Case

Inspired by Lilo & Stitch, this set of Stitch Earbuds With Case can make you listen to music in Disney style, wherever you go. And Scrump is also featured!

Are you a huge fan of cute little Stitch and do you happen to be in need of a set of new earplugs? The Stitch Earbuds With Case set might just be something for you! This set comes with an earbud and case with cute artwork of Stitch and Scrump on it.

The product had artwork of Stitch and Scrump on the earbuds and Stitch with tasty snacks on the case. The zipper will keep your earbuds save wherever you go. Take it with you in your purse or bag for it only needs a little space.

This set is perfect for listening to music or movies on your phone, tablet or other device. Just plug them in and go! This exclusive item is available at BoxLunch. And it’s a musthave for those who love the Disney movie Lilo And Stitch.

Of course, the Stitch Earbuds With Case is an amazing present as well for those who are obsessed with Disney or Stitch. Rather it’s for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, graduation, a tarvel gift or any other occasion.

Price: USD $14.90

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