Stitch Make-up Brush Set

Stitch makes an amazing makeup brush assistent! How do you like this Stitch Make-up Brush Set with a pineapple brush holder and 5 cosmetic brushes?

When you like Stitch and makeup, this cute Stitch Make-up Brush Set is an awesome addition to your collection. Have you ever seen a cuter set?

Stitch will hold your cosmetic brushes in his figural pineaplle brush holder. Imagine this standing on your beauty desk, ready for daily use. It makes you put a smile on your face for sure every single morning.

Not only it’s a great beauty stash item, it’s also a wonderful Disney collectible, for Stitch makes one of the most popular Disney characters of all times. For people who are a big fan of this ‘Experiment 626’, an item like this will make an amazing gift suggstion.

The brushes themselves come with a colorful Stitch design, making it a different kind of makeup brush that you will not find anywhere else.

This item can be ordered at BoxLunch, known for there unique Disney merchandise items.

Price: USD $34.90

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