Stitch Phone Case Deluxe

If you fell in love with Stitch, you will surely fall in love with this Stitch Phone Case Deluxe with straps and pendant for iPhone or Samsung!

Isn’t this Stitch Phone Case for iPhone or Samsung just adorable? It comes in several designs and prints that you can choose from, like the ‘We Love Stitch’ design or the ‘My Name Is Stitch’ design.

All of these super cute Stitch phone cases come with two straps, and a Stitch pendant attatched. This means you can always carry your phone around your neck without fearing of losing it. Also, you can use the Stitch pendant as a holder for your phone. Of course, you can always remove the straps whenever you want as well.

We are in love with these luxurious looking Disney phone cases. The best thing is: they cost less than 4 dollars! That’s right, at AliExpress you can order these phone cases with the straps and the pendant for $3.99. It’s one of the best bargains we have seen so far.

Do you know a friend who loves Stitch? Then this item will make the most amazing gift ever. Times ten!

Price: USD $3.88

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