Stitch Plush Bag

We are obsessed with this adorable Stitch Plush Bag! Now, you can carry Stitch wherever you go by just wrapping him around your shoulder.

Fans of Stitch might be super excited about this unique and one of a kind bag. It’s soft, it’s fluffy, and it’s super cute! Take Stitch with you when you go out shopping, to the movies, or when visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World. He is the perfect size!

The Stitch Plush Bag is approx. 9.5 inch tall. It’s a crossbody / shoulder bag and it has a zip pocket on the back for small belongings like keys, phone or wallet. For kids, this is a fun bag to take on schooltrips or other fun outdoor activites.

Stitch will surely teach kids how to take care of their belongings. Because of the zip pockets, all their things will be kept safe. The soft plushy makes him very comfortable and fun to carry around with.

Do you love Disney and especially Stitch? With this fluffy Disney bag you can now take him anywhere. And guess what, he makes a perfect gift for those who are just as much in love with him as we are!

Price: USD $19.99

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