The Haunted Mansion Bottle Opener


Do you know that foolish mortal who is unable to find the bottle opener when needed? No worries…this magnetic Haunted Mansion Bottle Opener awaits.

The Haunted Mansion: many of you will know this fantastic ride from the Disney theme parks, or, of course, the Disney movie with Eddie Murphy. This Haunted Mansion Bottle Opener is one of those amazing collectibles for people who love either one of the two (or both!).

This Disney bottle opener features one of the gargoyles from the attraction. It has a magnetic function, so you can stuck it on the front of the fridge. That way you will never have to search for it again when needed, muhahaha.

An exclusive and fun collectible like this makes a great gift for men in particular. Those who love a good beer and Disney, will be thrilled to recieve such a fun collector’s item. Plus, they are especially created for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort!

The opener is made of zinc material and has a size of 1/6” H x 2” W x 3 5/8” L. It’s a part of The Haunted Mansion Collection and will be a unique addition to your Disney collection.

Price: USD $12.99

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