Ursula Swimsuit

Have some sea witch style fun in the sun with this unique Ursula Swimsuit. Including the famous shell which Ursula uses to steal Ariel’s voice.

If you are a The Little Mermaid fan or you have a weak spot for Ursula the sea witch, this Ursula Swimsuit is definitely a must-check-out-item for you. It’s black, it’s glamorous, it’s unique and it’s oh so villainous!

Inspired by Ursula the sea witch, this eyecatching swimming outfit will surely increase your summer fun. The suit has foam underwire cups and a tie halter. The shell gives the swimsuit that extra accent of evil, for it’s where Ursula keeps Ariel’s voice. The bottoms has a flirty skirt (read dress-like tentacles).

The Disney swimsuit is made op polyester and spandex for comfort and flexibility. It’s your newest en coolest wardrobe addition when it comes to a summer of Disney. It’s also perfect for wearing during a day at one of the Disney waterparks or at the swimming pool of your Disney hotel.

Have you always wanted to feel like a true sea witch, especially when it’s in style of Ursula? Then this swimming outfit is yours for the taking.

Price: USD $44.90

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