Vintage Disney Movie Posters Bunting

Now this is what we call an original Disney decoration piece! It’s a Vintage Disney Movie Posters Bunting, including 15 mini posters of Disney classics.

For Disney lovers who love those good old classics like Steamboat Willie, Cinderella, or Pinocchio, this line of Vintage Disney Movie Posters Bunting is just a decortaion piece you must love!

How amazing is this decoration piece for a Disney themed party, birthday, baby shower or any other celebration. The bunting measures 215cm with 15 mini posters hung on 6mm navy blue satin ribbon.

It also makes a great collectible for your Disney collecttion, or you can use it for creative purposes like scrapbooking!

The vintage mini posters are printed on high sheen finish paper.

Price: USD $8.35

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