Walt And Mickey MagicBand

A unique, vintage-look MagicBand this surely is! This Walt And Mickey MagicBand is a limited edition release and is a perfect option for Disney collectors.

When visiting Disney World, you will be able to use your MagicBand for basically anything: it’s your door key, your wallet, your fastpass, and anything in between. Next to the basic MagicBand which you will recieve during your stay, there are many cool designs to purchase and make it even more special, like this vintage Walt And Mickey MagicBand!

This limited edition release MagicBand shows 2 featuring photos of Walt Disney and vintage Charlotte Clarck Mickey Mouse dolls. It’s a nice option for adults who love to collect old-fashioned Disney items. After your trip to Disney World, this item will definitely be a precious keepsake.

This special MagicBand is created for Walt Disney World Resort, so when you plan a visit, this design could be something you might want to consider. It has exactly the same functionalities as the original MagicBand, though it provides more comfort and flexibility. It has two different sizes in one, so it fits most guest’s wrists. If you wish, you can customize your Walt And Mickey MagicBand even more with the MagicBandits and MagicSliders Sets!

The size of the MagicBand is 10 1/2” L x 1” W x 1/4” D.

Price: USD $29.99

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