Winnie The Pooh Face Mask Honey

If you are into sweet scented face masks with super moisturizing abilities, this Winnie the Pooh Face will be your new favorite beauty snack!

A Disney face mask is definitely a wanna try item for beauty lovers who are into Disney as well. And lately, Disney face masks have become trendy on the market. We could not resist but to try this Winnie The Pooh Face Mask Honey, and gosh, it is delicious!

If you are into sweet scented masks, especially honey, you definitely want to give this beauty snack a try. This face masks moisturizes the skin intensly while having this amazing scent of honey. It leaves the face very, very soft.

A Disney Face Mask for on your bucket list, and it makes a great gift for Disney / beauty fans as well!

Price: USD $4.90

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